Thunderbirds Are Go Seasons 1, 2 & 3 - ITV / CITV 2015 - present (with Ben Foster)

Derren Brown - The Push - Vaudeville / Netflix 2018

Bounty Hunters - Cave Bear / Sky One 2017-present (with Ben Foster)

Timewasters - Big Talk / ITV2 2017-present (with Oli Julian)

Penn & Teller : Fool Us – The CW 2015-present

Hospital People - BBC One 2017 (with Oli Julian)

Bigheads - ITV / Primal Media 2017

Hank Zipzer's Christmas Catastrophe - CBBC 2016

Derren Brown - Twisted Tales - Vaudeville / Channel Four 2016

The Code - BBC One 2016

Hank Zipzer Seasons 1, 2 & 3 - Kindle / BBC 2013-16

Puppy Love - BBC Four 2015

Stand Up To Cancer - Channel Four 2016

BBC Commonwealth Games 2014 (with Peter Raeburn)

Shark After Dark - Discovery USA - 2014 - present 

Bad Robots - Objective / E4 2014-16

The Cube Seasons 1 -9 - ITV 2009-15

Crowd Rules - CNBC 2016

Reflex - BBC One 2014

Five Minutes To A Fortune - Victory / Channel Four 2014

The Great Art Robbery - Channel Four 2013

The Job - Embassy Row / CBS 2013

Derren Brown - Apocalypse - Objective / Channel Four 2012 (with Ben Foster)

Beauty & The Beast -  Betty / Channel Four 2012

ITV1 on-screen identities 2006–14 (with Peter Raeburn)

Derren Brown - Placebo - Objective / Channel Four

Hero at 30,000 Feet - Objective / Channel Four

Rocket's Island - Lime Pictures / CBBC (with Oli Julian)

Derren Brown - The Experiments - Objective / Channel Four

The Exit List – Gogglebox / ITV 2012

Comedy Roast - Monkey / Channel Four (2012)

The Channel 4 Mash Up – Fresh One / Channel Four 2011




Amazon - Give A Little Bit dir. Nick Gordon (Soundtree Music)

Specsavers - Boiler dir. Daniel Kleinman  (Soundtree Music)

Grey Goose - La Pursuit dir. Steve Ayson  (Soundtree Music)

BBC - If You Love Something - dir. Vaughan Arnell  (Soundtree Music)

Stella Artois – Work Song dir. Wim Wenders (Soundtree Music)

Visa - The Heart dir. Juan Cabral  (with Peter Raeburn & Luis Almau, Soundtree Music)

Apple - Your Verse dir. Malcolm Venville  (with Peter Raeburn, Soundtree Music)

Land Rover - Glide dir. Joachim Back  (with Peter Raeburn & Luis Almau, Soundtree Music)

Stella Artois - Les Pockets dir. Andreas Nilsson (with Oli Julian, Major Tom)

Sony – "This Is 3D" dir. Jonathan Glazer (Soundtree Music)

LandRover - Can And Will dir. Kevin MacDonald  (with Peter Raeburn, Soundtree Music)

Stella Artois – "Crying Jean" dir. Ringan Ledwidge (with Evan Jolly & Peter Raeburn, Soundtree Music)

Sony Walkman – "Music Pieces" dir. Nick Gordon (with Peter Raeburn, Soundtree Music)

Stella Cidre – "Le President"  dir. Joachim Back (with Evan Jolly, Soundtree Music)

Heinz – "Bottle" dir. Dougal Wilson (with Oli Julian & Peter Raeburn, Soundtree Music)

Lipton – "Sip Of Inspiration" dir. Noam Murro (with Peter Raeburn, Soundtree Music)

Trop 50 – "Jane" dir. Paul Weiland (Soundtree Music)

Range Rover - "On Days Like These" dir. Joachim Back (Soundtree Music)

Vodafone – "Pegasus"  dir. Daniel Wolfe (with Oli Julian, Soundtree Music)

Land Rover - "Born Free" (with Ben Foster, Soundtree Music)

Royal Mail – "Grow" dir. Johnny Green  (with Peter Raeburn, Soundtree Music)

Specsavers : "Collie Wobble" dir. Chris Palmer (with Una Palliser, Soundtree Music)

Stella Artois – "Train" dir. Agustin Alberdi (with Evan Jolly, Soundtree Music)

Guinness – "World" dir. Johnny Green (with Peter Raeburn, Soundtree Music)

Sainsbury's – "Perfect Christmas" dir. Adrian Moat (Soundtree Music)

Nokia – "Harmony" dir. Pleix  (with Peter Raeburn, Soundtree Music)

Levi's – "Straight Walk" dir. Tom Carty  (with Peter Raeburn, Soundtree Music)

Comic Relief – "Penalty"  dir. Paul Weiland (Soundtree Music)

Pepsi – "Rising" dir. Daniel Kleinman  (with Peter Raeburn, Soundtree Music)

Walkers – "Groovy" dir. Paul Weiland  (with Ben Foster, Soundtree Music)

Stella Artois – "Respect" dir. Patrick Daughters  (with Peter Raeburn, Soundtree Music)

Smirnoff – "Sea"  dir. Daniel Kleinman  (with Peter Raeburn, Soundtree Music)

Motorola - "Red" dir. Jonathan Glazer (with Peter Raeburn, Soundtree Music)




Blue Valentine – At The Drop of The Day (composition with Matt Sweeney & Peter Raeburn) - 2011 dir. Derek Cianfrance

Creating Freedom: Lottery of Birth (additional music) - 2013 dir. Raoul Martinez / Joshua Van Praag

Molly Moon and the Incredible Book of Hypnotism (additional music) - 2015 dir. Christopher N. Rowley